Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who would've thought?

Remember that post where I said "Metamorphosis" should be a ballet?


It's kind of late and my first day of work is tomorrow (I'm interning at Pointe Magazine in New York! Ahhhhh!) but I stumbled upon this while I was browsing the interwebs and like. Woah. So I HAD to tell you guys about it, of course.

Here is the article by the New York Times. The photo above is taken from that article. I actually came across it because Pointe interviewed the dancer who plays Gregor, Edward Watson, in their latest issue.  And I was reading that article really carefully because I recognized Watson from this video, a documentary of the Royal Ballet's class, and he stands out. Because he's a principle dancer. And also because his butt is awesome.

But I digress. I've been looking into ballets that aren't as "classic" as say, Giselle or the Nutcracker, because I've been given the opportunity to be a little more involved in the behind-the-scenes for my studio's student recital next year. (Not going to go into detail because I know some of the dancers from my studio read me.) It's a ways away but I want to get some ideas rolling right now. The first of my ballet binge watching is this:

I really loved this production of Peter Pan. It was as magical as it needed to be, and comical with just a hint of sadness. From a technical standpoint, I think they did rely a lot on the set and on hooking people up to ropes so they could "fly," but the stylistic choices were perfect; the way Peter's dancing is purposefully a little off balance, and how he sort of jumps from one step to the next without sustaining. It's well integrated into his dances with Wendy, even though there wasn't reeeeally a distinct grande pas. I thought the acting in the show was hilarious, too.

I'll keep you updated as I watch more full ballets! NYC is a blast so far. (The metro kills me though.) Wish me luck tomorrow!

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